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  1. Hi Denny, great blog, and thanks for sharing the information. I have a Technodrive TMC49 gearbox on my 16ft harbour launch which is giving trouble. You say in your blog that you’ve an overhaul manual of sorts for the TMC40. I can’t find one anywhere. Could you pass me details of your source, or if you have a download could you pass me a copy please? My gearbox won’t engage forward gear and I intend to take it out to give it an overhaul. I think the cones are polished and need work, but I’ve never taken a gearbox apart before. I’d be very grateful for any help you can provide.

    Many thanks

    Fraser Haddow

  2. Fraser:
    I sorry about the very late reply. Unfortunately, my comments have been swamped with spam (over 200). I’m just now looking thru them to see if any are legit. I assume by now that you’ve resolved you problem, but if not let me know.


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