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Update 7/2017

For the past year I’ve been planking – not much else. Hence I’ve haven’t had much to write about. I have now completed the starboard side and I have 3 planks remaining on the port side. Then it’s on to one of the (many) other parts of the boat.

In the mean time, I’ve updated my description of the process of double planking under “Replacing Double Planking.”

Completion of Outer Plank S19

I’ve just completed the installation of the 19th plank on the starboard side. The 19th plank consists of a 3/8″ inner plank made of Alaskan Yellow Cedar overlapped with a 5/8″ Wana outer plank. The installation of the inner plank was posted earlier. The latest post (Alita Restoration Project/ Planking/ Outer Plank S19) describes the construction and installation of the outer plank.

November Update

November has been a busy month. I’ve posted a day-by-day under Alita Restoration/November Chronology and also a description of how I plan to tie into the existing planking as part of my plank-replacing project (under Alita Restoration/Planking/Tying into the Existing Planking)

Update on Double Planking

I’ve made two changes to this blog …

  1. I revised my previous description of how to make and install a double plank. The new document describes my most recent ideas on how to tackle this problem. Hopefully, it will also be clearer.
  2. I added a day-by-day account of my effort to install the third plank on the starboard side.